Saturday, 16th October 2021

I was going to have a retirement party last year but due to Covid many bigger events (like Football competitions) got delayed so I was in good company having my retirement party a year late.

I got proper invitations done (too many of them) - in with the invitations themselves done by BananaPrint came a note from a Deanna thanking me for my order. If Deanna is a real person (which would be nice) I wonder how she felt about what the card said. If one's more cynical one could take Deanna as being the name of a printing and collating machine. Or even assume there's no Deanna at all, someone just thinks this is a good gimmick to encourage repeat orders. But I like to think there is a real Deanna who likes to some extent the job she does.

Virginia prepared a splendid cake - a map of some of the world with a cruise ship on it. But it was huge - heavy and cumbersome to carry around. I got sticky stuff on me and my pullover carrying it into the Holiday Inn from the car. We didn't manage to finish the cake, I overdosed on sugar trying to finish one of the large chunks Virginia handed out.

The Holiday Inn had set out the room very nicely, and provided a good buffet lunch. Once again I overdid things and there was too much food. It was very hard to know how much to order. Virginia and I decorated the room with balloons - I could blow them up but failed to tie them up so they didn't immediately deflate. The balloons hung downwards so the "Happy Retirement" legend was upside down on them. Helium's a rare gas we couldn't find any you see.

It was worrying at first when Virginia and I were the only ones there, I had worried that I might have told the hotel the wrong date! People trickled in (everyone I thought might come in the end did come) which was a relief! I wasn't necessarily expecting cards and gifts but people did bring them - I didn't make notes of who brought what. I also didn't take pictures of the room with people in it which I should have done.

I really enjoyed this day, and spending time with friends and family. I wish I could have spent more time and mixed with everyone who came. Terry Cath Alex Howie Robin Elizabeth Iain Yvonne Christine Jonathan Sandra Laura Phillip Pat Richard Ian Julie Keith Madeleine William Catherine Justine Meredith Carmen Jan - my sincere thanks for coming.