Tuesday, 6th April 2021


This isn't what I intended to produce but Let's write a story is a parody of Aesop's fable "The Fox and the Goat" which lets you choose elements of the story. I had intended to implement the game using Twine but ended up implementing directly in HTML and Javascript. I still consider Twine good stuff.

Writing the text for this 'game' took ages as there are a lot of paths through the game, and I doubt most players will try more than a handful of paths. Checking the resulting game for mistakes and also ensuring as far as possible the grammar made sense took a long time as well.

There is a little seriousness underneath the nonsense drivel waffle of Let's write a story. I believe everyone can be creative and artistic, not just those who are labelled Artists. Managers never liked this but there is an artistry to writing computer software for instance. Also the tales we tell are almost all re-tellings re-workings of earlier tales.