Monday, 15th February 2021

Virginia and I like to dine out once a week - this not only saves on her cooking and us washing up, and varies the cuisine, but also gives us more quality time together. The CovId pandemic has interrupted this discipline. So instead we've resorted to having food delivered to us which was something we hadn't done before 2020.

We've had quite a few deliveries from the Old Crown in Girton, a village next to Histon where we live. I tend to go for either their Crown burger or fish and chips, I do like their chips. There's also a halloumi burger which is very edible. It was slightly off-putting when they almost branded the burger buns with their logo. Getting food in a delivery to your door is different to having brought to your table on a plate. The pasta in the delivered pasta dishes comes as intimidating geometric mounds.

We've also had pizzas from Pizza Hut. I do like pepperoni pizzas, and apologies for being boring but that is what I usually have. If pizza slices can't be consumed there and then they can serve as fodder for the following day. A delivery from Pizza Hut was the only delivery which had problems finding our house.

This year we've also tried getting deliveries through Just Eat. This has worked quite well, we've ordered from The Rose and Crown in Histon. Virginia has appreciated how warm the food is when it reaches us, helped by how close they are. The gravy is rich and plentiful. There's a good range of dishes available, and we'll have to try their Sunday roasts. We've been surprised by the food coming early, even when we've been warned it would be late.

We've also had Chinese food from the Golden Dragon again through Just Eat. This was as a stand-in for our Valentine's Day meal out - we had a set menu including aromatic crispy duck and two chicken and sweetcorn soups. Pleasant and filling.