1Password is password management software which works on both the Mac and iPad.

Affinity Photo is image editing software.

Apple make the computers I use.

Audacity is a free sound editing program.

Cucumber BDD testing framework.

ImageMagick is a command-line image editing utility library.

MySQL is the server-side database I use.

Netbeans is the Java IDE I currently use.

Parallels - use this to run Windows on our iMac.

PDF OCR is software I use for getting text from images.

Photoshop Elements is image editing software.

PHP is server-side scripting language I use.

Postbox is my current email client.

Ruby is a scripting language I use for small and not so small programming jobs.

RubyMine is a Ruby IDE I use.

SQLite Browser I use for maintaining SQLite databases.

W3Schools for validating web pages.