Azores Cruise
Sunday, 27th May 2012

P01 InnP01 InnP01 Inn

We travelled down on Sunday afternoon and stayed overnight at a Holiday Inn Express Southampton M27. This worked well, avoiding any panics travelling down on the day that the ship left itself. Dined at a nearby Pizza Hut and was revolted to see a bloated Brit woman licking the serving spoons for the dressings at the salad bar. Civilisation is skin deep here.

On the Monday we went to Mottisfont where socialite / art lover Maud Russell used to live. The name Mottisfont may be derived from 'Moot' and 'Font' (or spring which is still going strong.) The house contains a number of illusions like a bookcase which is really a door, a flat wall which seems to bend, paint pots which are part of the painting. We all play games, different games.