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Saturday, 24th October 2015

Wookey Hole Wookey Hole

It had been dry if not blazing sun, but Saturday (24th) changed that. We voyaged through the rain to see Clarks Shoe Museum in Street but they failed to open! In desperation we went to Wookey Hole where so long ago I closed my eyes rather than see the 'witch'. OK the cave had some formations to admire, bridges over chasms, but it was clearly aimed at the kids including wearing a white safety helmet and queueing for ages for a free pumpkin toy! As an adult it felt tacky and twee, to a child probably magical. Wookey Hole now has dinosaurs not to climb on, over-stretched staff to get pasties and sausage rolls (not bad) from, and a gauntlet of kiddie fun to suffer before you reach the exit. A long walk across sodden meadows with toy policemen at the pedestrian crossing completes the picture.

In the evening we dined at Brewers Fayre, first time we had used that chain. Not as relaxed to order at bar instead of someone taking your order, but they fed us. More stress driving back in unfamiliar near dark missing turnings.

And then Sunday (25th) and time to return. Top avoid Coventry we headed for the M4 ignoring the Satnav advice - but our punishment was ending up in the chaos of runners in the streets of Bristol! We did escape eventually and had a simple journey back along the M4 then M25 then A1 then A505 then A10 then M11. On the way we stopped at a Macdonalds where you could order at a touch sensitive screen - smart, but also dehumanising too.