Tuesday, 29th September 2020
Blenheim pictureBlenheim pictureWe only found one egg cup in Alfie's Barn! Virginia's Mum did us all porridge but the hob seemed to take ages to heat up, like the oven did last night when we had the Chinese meals for 2 twice. The lamp in my room is a touch affair, clever. The towel rails are either not heated or we failed to find how they worked.

Blenheim pictureBlenheim pictureWe went to Blenheim this morning finding the place OK, however we had fun finding our way out as Google Maps had us going out the way in, I drove over the grass past the entrance huts but got corrected by someone walking.

Blenheim pictureBlenheim pictureWe did the palace first but if we had done it later the queues were much smaller. Blenheim Palace had a large library of very dusty books (someone touched one to find out) but otherwise much like any stately home. Some modern artwork scattered around like it was Wally in a game of Where’s Wally.

Blenheim pictureBlenheim pictureWe left Virginia's father on a bench while we went and saw the formal gardens with fountains and maze like borders on an upper terrace, two pools with edifices in them and a bronze horse on the lower one.

Blenheim pictureBlenheim pictureLunch was a mess - had to wait to grab a table outside (in the sun which unexpectedly shone and I had left my cap) then you could only see what was available by going round. I had hot chocolate and a pasty cheese and onion I didn’t finish.

Blenheim pictureBlenheim pictureOn the way back to Ambrosden we tried a chemist in Woodstock, parking behind the fire station down a one lane street there, then a medical centre in Islip where Virginia's mother got advised to ring her surgery and ask for a prescription to be sent to a dispensing chemist in a Sainsbury’s nearby. Before the evening meal (Virginia's father didn’t feel like eating) the remaining three of us tried to find the chemists but Google Maps thought the postcode was in the middle of a field!

Blenheim pictureBlenheim pictureVirginia forgot her mask but Brewers Fayre gave her one from a supply - we had fun finding how to get to the place, Google Maps took us into a housing estate being built. Forwent a dessert so we could hunt for the chemist.

I found a postcode of a nearby health outfit which was opposite Sainsbury’s but which Google Maps seemed happier with. First attempt we went down a frontage road and had to backtrack but eventually success!