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Wednesday, 30th September 2020
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We went to the Oxford Bus Transport Museum, hidden at the back of a train station. A small museum, staff of volunteers coping with Cov19 restrictions as best they could, tables had to be sanitised after usage, masks on site, track and trace, service at tables.

The Transport Museum had a lot of buses in varying states of repair, a good history of public transport in Oxford, and the Morris Motors museum - about William Morris and the cars he made in Cowley. Virginia's folks first car was a Morris Minor estate. It rained a little while we were there, we stopped at a Co-op on the way back for some retail therapy.

A wet afternoon then we went to the Copper Kitchen in Bicester. Lovely old charm of the place, wooden beams uneven ceiling, a door which when opened revealed a bare wall which they used to get supplies. I was reduced to orange juice as no cranberry juice or apple juice. Virginia and parents had chicken salad, very generous portions, I had Croatian goulash. Sadly we had to park some away in the miserable rain and dark. I was embarrassed for the poor parents.

Afterwards Virginia's parents checked the TV was working to its full potential by watching Midsomer Murders.