Woodhenge and Old Sarum
Sunday, 19th September 2021

IMG 1907IMG 1907IMG 1907

We zoomed to Church this morning (it was communion but we hadn't brought any Ribena so our participation was more virtual than it might have been), and had lunch courtesy of a nearby Londis shoppe. It was so close we didn't rely on Google Maps to get us there and back.

Google Maps did help us reach Woodhenge - an uneven field containing concrete stumps where tree trunks had been erected at the time of Stonehenge. Must have impressive at the time. One English guy complained loudly that the original trunks were no longer there - perhaps it should be called Concretehenge to avoid confusion.

IMG 1910IMG 1910IMG 1910

On the way back we took in Old Sarum which in its way is another stump of a place. A definite defensive ditch round the site which is visually appealing, display boards hinting at what was there, stones marking the floor-plan of the old cathedral before its relocation to Salisbury. But not what it was for sure.

In the evening we tried the White Rabbit for a meal. Getting there and back we faced challenges of travelling through the New Forest with ponies wandering as they wished. I had pork belly and the pork crackling with that was a flat rectangle which seemed almost mechanical in origin. I was looking forward to the no banana caramel waffle as a dessert advertised but that too was off. The pub / restaurant was quiet when we arrived, but got busier. Felt dim inside, references to Lewis Carroll in the entrance area.