A sweet siesta in Salisbury
Saturday, 18th September 2021

IMG 1894IMG 1894IMG 1894

A slow journey in places from Cambridge to Landford near Salisbury - the M25 was sluggish, drivers were ogling a crash on the other side - but we reached our destination before we realised it. Google Maps said you have reached your destination but we couldn't see anything obvious so carried on. Mistake. Too many times let down by a Satnav. Had to brave a ford twice, and contend with a delivery truck on a one track lane, before ringing for help.

The Lavender Lea cottage when we got there was very nice. Bedrooms with individual ensuites. Spacious lounge, well appointed kitchen, wifi. We weren't able to get the dishwasher going properly. The first night we had a Chinese meal for two from Sainsbury (or what would have been if Sainsburys at Eddington had one, instead I got a random selection of Chinese dishes which were more complicated to cook as had different times and temperatures required.)

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The cottage is part of New Forest Lavender, and looks over the splendid gardens rich in flowers. The gardens and tea room is open Wednesdays through Saturday, we weren't that conscious of people going round the gardens, not so any did, but the tea room was quite popular. We toured the gardens and had brie and cranberry croissants at the tea rooms on Wednesday. There's a red telephone box and pond and pergola in the gardens which have a lot to see in them.

New Forest Lavender is just off the A36 - at times this road was quite difficult to get out onto, traffic was speeding up and down it, it was difficult to see a long way to be sure it was safe to come out. Most of the time it wasn't too bad, but Sunday was bad.

This holiday I played a lot of Fantasian on the Macbook I took with me - a great game.