The Phoenix was a superior Chinese restaurant in Histon where we live. It's where we liked to go for special occasions. Virginia and I did make the mistake of going there once for Valentine's Night and found ourselves sitting in a typing pool of tables, where we couldn't but hear the drunks at the next table. Usually it was a very pleasant experience.

We often went for a set menu, partly it was cheaper, partly it saves mental effort! I to be different ordered the hot and sour soup (rather than the delicious chicken and sweetcorn) and then suffered how hot and spicy it is.

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The heart of the meal for me was the crispy fried duck, making the pancakes with plum sauce and bamboo shoots and the duck. Yum yum yum.

For afters I went for the Peking pancakes. The final bill is a tidy amount, but eating at the Phoenix was a special experience to me.

Sadly in 2019 the Phoenix as a Chinese restaurant closed its doors. It has been re-opened as a bar cum cafe cum restaurant which is better than being turned into housing.