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About this website and me
This is the personal website of Peter Rootham-Smith (Peter is fine.) Welcome!

I drive a Kia, and my favourite colour is blue. My interest include TV, music, computer games, Go, and software.

I'm currently watching A Korean Odyssey and Beyond, and playing Torment: Tides of Numenera.

I'm married to Virginia who has made some cakes. We like eating out. Virginia likes yoghurt and rhubarb, I prefer peanut butter. We have a couple of lovely cats, Tabitha and Amelia. We belong at Girton Baptist Church.

There's a diary on this website of notable events, assorted links, and how to contact me.

I like books. To look at a page in a book is like falling into a river - a river which can bear one along for many a full stop and semi-colon. By magic the letters and spaces become worlds and people which are as real and familiar as the world containing what is read and the reader.

I like sampling the world's cuisine. Virginia and I dine out once a week usually, often on a Friday as we both don't work that day. It ensures we get some quality time together, and someone else does the cooking and washing up!

I like going to the cinema and seeing films. This is still something magical to me - the lights go down, the curtains draw apart, and another world appears.