Saturday, 3rd August 2013


"Journeys" is a game based on pictures of the P&O cruise ship "Oriana" taken during a cruise to the Azores in May / June 2012. The game will have a number of slideshows of journeys round the Oriana unlocked by solving puzzles.

I had started doing a virtual tour of the "Black Watch" which we took a cruise to the Baltics on in 2011. However I felt the geometry of a cruise ship does not lend itself to representing the ship as a set of locations, at which you can pan around or move to neighbouring nodes. Too many places on a cruise ship are narrow long passages for that to work. I felt.

So instead I went for showing the ship by a number of journeys round it. There are puzzles to unlock the journeys, but only if you want puzzles.

The game is playable in most modern browsers, but doesn't have sound.