Sunday, 31st May 2015


My mother died on June 10th, 2012. We had the funeral service, and I found tears to weep. We had her ashes interred at a local cemetery. So there's now a patch of earth with a wooden cross where I can go. But this doesn't seem enough. Enough to mark a life that meant so much to me.

So I did a game as a tribute, an acknowledgement of what my mother did for me. At one level the 'game' is an exploration of my inner world. What thoughts run along the tracks in my mind. My mother influenced me in what I read and watched and listened to at an early age.

But it wouldn't be a game unless it had some kind of puzzles. So if you're of a puzzle solving turn of mind, and can find the paths through my mental maze, there are puzzles to be overcome. There are puzzles inside puzzles like a Russian doll. For those who will seek them.

Most of the game has text describing a place in my inner world. You are able to click on words and move to other places. The text is overlaid on a background of fuzzy words, indeed even the front screen is composed of words rather than images.